Testimonial-Nick-Ian-Johns-Photography-Boston-Headshot-Photographer "This niche in photography is a true and complex art, and he's mastered it." – Nick Baldasarre Testimonial-Jennifer-Ian-Johns-Photography-Boston-Headshot-Photographer "Ian was knowledgeable, professional and made me feel extremely relaxed – Jennifer Baum during the headshot process." ian-johns-photography-boston-headshot-photographer-9 "He took the time to find out what I was looking for and then went beyond it." – Kim Karvonen Slide "His dedication to getting things just right surpasses others I’ve worked with in the past." which is part the magic behind his incredible photos." "He’s way beyond photographer, “I never would have thought the experience of having a headshot could be both educational and fun." Slide Google Perfection 5.0

Happy people have lots to say about their headshots.

“I took some time to go through the galleries and work of head shot photographers in the area. I wanted to see images that make a statement and capture something of the person besides it just being a portrait: a spark, personality, feel, or vibe – whatever you might call it. Once I saw Ian’s gallery – I kept on returning back to if exactly for these reasons. …

“I can’t believe what a great experience I had shooting head shots with Ian. A few months ago a head shot photographer came to our office. The experience was awkward and resulted in really bad photos – so bad I was embarrassed to use them. I decided I needed to get them replaced and searched for a new photographer myself. Based on all …


Julie shares her story: “I had been thinking of having my picture taken for years – something professional to put on my LinkedIn page and to use for my work email system.  I kept putting it off because I hate having my picture taken. Then I found out about Ian. When I saw his website and met him at a local charity event, I knew I could wait no longer!

Ian was a pleasure to work with from the start. He responded to my email within a day and scheduled my appointment for about a month later. About a week before the shoot he sent me a detailed email with some videos to review that provided helpful techniques for our shoot. He recommended bringing a few different wardrobe changes to get a variety of looks. The day of the shoot Ian met me outside his studio, then brought me into the studio, showed me around and talked me through the process, reviewing the techniques described in his email. I was a little nervous (again, I hate having my picture taken), but Ian made me feel comfortable.

Throughout the shoot he explained everything, giving clear direction and explaining the reasons for his adjustments to my pose. He stopped every few minutes to show me the pictures and get my feedback.

Ian turned around my images in about a day and I chose a few favorites (difficult as it was to choose!) The best thing about working with Ian – he made me look good! He managed to capture the best of my personality and appearance. In my photo, I look professional, assertive and approachable. I now have a great photo to use at work, on my resume, and in my professional social networks. I am so glad that I now have this professional image and would highly recommend Ian Johns to anyone else looking for a professional headshot.”

“Ian was fantastic throughout the entire process. From scheduling to final edit delivery, everything was seamless. He really worked with me on-site to make sure I was completely comfortable with each shot. It’s evident how much he really cares about his work by the time and attention he gives to each individual. Before the session ended, we reviewed …

“I attended a studio session with Ian Johns Photography after graduating from my master’s program. I needed a new professional headshot for LinkedIn and I found Ian Johns Photography to be a perfect fit. The entire experience, from beginning to end, was engaging and enjoyable. Leading up the photoshoot, Ian was professional and prompt. …


Straight from Google.


Lyn tells it like it is: “I hate having my picture taken. It’s an uncomfortable experience that I avoided for many years. However, my new employer required a headshot and scheduled a photography session with Ian Johns.

Prior to my session, Ian sent an email that proved invaluable, explaining procedures and full of hints on wardrobe and makeup. Upon arrival, Ian greeted us warmly and escorted us into the studio. His love for his work was both obvious and infectious; putting me at ease with engaging conversation while he created the perfect lighting for my skin tone and angles.

The actual shoot was painless, even enjoyable! I found myself relaxed and trusting in Ian to find the postures and angles that resulted in some wonderful images. Ian helped me to whittle the choices down, explaining his reasoning in each case. I actually think he chose for me, but made me think it was my idea…and he was right to do so. I have a headshot that delights me. Not only does it delight me, but it delights my friends and family, who are well acquainted with my aversion to the camera.

If you are looking for a professional photographer who can combine the artistic and technical aspects of photography, who can create a space that is judgment free and full of trust, who clearly was meant to capture images of the world, then choose Ian Johns. You will NOT regret it.”

The hits continue.

Trevor: “Ian is by far the best headshot photographer I’ve ever worked with. He’s way beyond photographer, which is part the magic behind his incredible photos. Personally, Ian brought out my best smiles, along with the most confident looks I’ve ever seen on screen. His mastery of the camera and backgrounds coupled with his ability to bring out the best in me made our images stunning. They’re essential for my online profiles, trade publications, corporate shots, and speaking engagements where a confident professional headshot is required. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Diana: “I’ve always been very hesitant about getting headshots taken because I’m quite shy and awkward when it comes to these things. However, I desperately needed some for my business and after reading Ian’s reviews I was sold. I’m so happy I trusted my gut on this because it was completely worth it! Ian is an absolute professional and he made the whole session enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable! I felt completely comfortable and at ease with Ian and ended up having such a blast. The photos came out way better than I ever expected and I’ve already put them to use. I highly recommend him and I can’t wait to work with him again.”

David: “Ian far exceeded my expectations. He helped me understand some nuances of headshots, which are easy to take for granted but make a difference in the finished product — subtleties related to facial expression and posture. I found him very professional and would recommend him to others needing a professional headshot.”

Michael: “I never would have thought the experience of having a headshot could be both educational and fun. I felt great working with Ian and found him to be a true professional.”

Sarah: “I desperately needed to update my headshot, which was more than 10 years old, and Ian was the best. His methodology for capturing corporate headshots was extremely effective. He accommodated my schedule, was so easy to work with, and actually made the experience very enjoyable.”

Adam: “Ian was very easy to work with. He arrived at our office early, set up his studio in our conference room, and took amazing headshots of myself and my other employees. As our company grew in size, he accommodated us by allowing us to send new hires to his studio.  As we continue to expand, Ian is taking headshots of our new employees. I will definitely continue to use Ian and would highly recommend him.”

Steve: “I would highly recommend Ian Johns Photography for anyone looking to update their LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot. Ian was very easy to work with and he provided great insight and direction. Prior to the session, he sent instructional videos which were very helpful; especially for someone with no experience in this space. During the session, he reinforced the techniques and he paused occasionally to show me samples of the work. His honest feedback and coaching helped as we progressed through the remainder of the session. I’m not the type of person that likes to be in front of the camera; however, Ian made it a pleasurable experience and I’m very happy with the end product. I would highly recommend Ian Johns Photography.”

Jeff: “Ian was great to work with throughout the whole process – everything from setting up the appointment through the actual shoot and review of the proofs was painless. Ian was professional yet friendly and made the actual photo shoot a very pleasant experience. I would not consider myself a very photogenic person and was somewhat apprehensive about the shoot itself. However, Ian created a relaxed atmosphere that made the process relatively painless. After a 45 minute shoot Ian was able to give me several different “looks” to choose from, all of which I was very happy with. The finished product definitely provides a look that stands out from the majority of the profiles on LinkedIn and other networking platforms.”

Bill: “Ian did an outstanding job with my headshot, which I’m receiving many compliments on. His knowledge of lighting, posing and smiling techniques is impressive. I had no idea so much went into the craft. The shoot itself was a lot of fun.”

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