Upon further review.

Gone are the days where you are reviewing your photos on the back of a camera. Your entire session is fired over to a computer where we will take a series of breaks to review our work on a 27″ screen. This is where the learning begins.

True collaboration.

By now, you’ve learned that your headshot experience is a collaborative one. It’s a total team effort. That is literally where the rubber meets the road as we flip through your images to find what angles and expressions are working best. That presents the perfect opportunity to ensure you like the results we are building up to as we get closer to your ideal headshot.

Build from the beginning. Those test shots we took right out of the gate were for lighting tests and adjustments; they also happened just before you learned two nifty little techniques to get you headshot ready. Chins are always up. Heads are back. Not a good look for a headshot! Let’s get you dialed in, but not before you see some before and after images to learn exactly why you’re performing those two moves.

Comparing and contrasting. As we move past the test shots, I will keep things simple as we talk about some key points of what makes up a great headshot for you. We’ll recall some of the use cases that were discussed at the outset to make sure the images we’re pulling in match the desired outcomes. Need a certain look for LinkedIn? Will you be using these for speaking engagements? What about expressions? A little planning and visualizing go a long way!

Discover the subtleties.

It might be a bit tough to know exactly how you’re doing early on in your session when you are standing in front of bright lights with me coaching your every move while clicking away. These image reviews are built-in pauses in the action to verify your newfound excellence.

Fine points. There is much more to a headshot than merely a smile. You’ll soon see why you made the right choice by going with a headshot specialist. We’ll take a look everything — in fact, there will be images studied where we don’t even look at your eyes or smile. Say what?

Look at this, not that. It’s true. Sure, we want your headshot to exude maximum amounts of authentic expressions, and the foundation of a fantastic expression comes from your eyes and smile. But what about everything else that frames your face? We will make sure your hair is falling into place just right. We’ll put extra focus on your clothes. If you’re wearing jewelry, let’s make sure it doesn’t steal the viewer’s attention.

An ensemble cast. We take all of those building blocks and put them together into a perfect headshot. And the best part is, it’ll all happen without you knowing it. After the opening round of shooting and reviews, you’ll get better at the entire experience without batting an eyelash. By round 2, you’ll notice all these same tiny details. Hello, fellow expert!

The elimination round.

Once we are finished with the shooting portion of your session, we will sit down with a couple of refreshing beverages in cozy chairs to review your headshots on a big screen. Here, you’ll choose which images you’d like to purchase for professional retouching.

The elimination process. If you’re anything like me, the process of elimination can be an enjoyable experience, almost like a mini-tournament of sorts. We will get rid of all the shots we rejected throughout our previous reviews, instead concentrating on the ones you liked. We’ll go through an entire lot of approved shots, two at a time, to see which ones come out winners. Whether you need one or a dozen, those selections will get sent off to the retoucher at this point.