Special delivery.

A good chunk of the headshot magic happens right in front of the camera. The other half? It’s all in the retouching and delivery!

Once you make those selections.

You booked a session. We went through the session prep. You learned two simple techniques that make you look amazing on-camera. We captured tons of images. We sorted through everything. You’ve picked your winners. So now what? Well, let’s get those new headshots ready for primetime and into your hands.

It’s all me from here. You’ve done your job, so take it easy while I prepare your selections for my professional retoucher. They will perform all the necessary tricks to make sure that they not only meet my exact specifications but are ready for the world to admire.

Time for a briefing. Before I send your headshot selections to my retoucher, I comb through each image and draw up an editing brief that outlines the work to be performed on your headshots. I take extra care to ensure all temporary blemishes are blasted into outer space (well, ‘brushed out’ to be a bit less dramatic). I’ll also make a note to adjust clothing (pesky wrinkles, dust specks we might have missed, etc.) and hair (flyaways begone!) and anything else you might specify yourself in the reviewing phase.

Details are good, though!

While I put an exceptional amount of time and care into removing temporary blemishes, I prefer to leave your headshots looking as natural and authentic as possible.

Skin. The object of the headshot game isn’t to look plastic or fake. We love seeing skin pores, freckles, and other details because that brings a person’s authenticity to the forefront. Fake, or retouched skin, stands out from a mile away. Avoid the embarrassment and go natural!

What about scars? Unless it’s something you genuinely don’t want to be included in the final edit, scars and marks are an absolute must in any headshot! They are what make you extra authentic. And truth be told I have never had a client ask to have one removed. People own them, and people love them.

Striking the right tones. One area I do make sure is digitally enhanced is your skin’s overall tone. I will reduce any redness and smooth out gradients to give your skin a glow that will look just like it did on the day of your session.

Delivering the goods.

We’ve reached the final stages of your headshot experience – image delivery! Once I receive your files back from my retoucher, I will give them one more quality-control check before finalizing them for your use. By concluding, I will provide you with everything needed to start using your headshots immediately.

Print me up, Scotty. Because so many career fields and industries require print-ready headshot images, I have now started delivering maximum-resolution headshot files so they will be ready for any printing situation you might be faced with, at no additional charge to you! Whether you are getting your headshots printed in small publications or are slapping them on a billboard along an interstate highway, these top-resolution shots will have your back in all their 300 PPI glory.

Caught in a web of files. To go along with your print-ready files, you’ll also receive web-ready files that arrive in reduced file sizes so they’ll quickly upload to your social media and website profiles on the Internet and will send seamlessly over e-mail. The quality and sharpness are still fantastic, and all at no extra charge.

All kinds of crops. Unless otherwise specified, your final headshot files come in two main crops: camera and square. These two crop factors will have you set for nearly every situation, and if there is ever a need for a different crop, such as an 8×10 crop or a 5×7, I have you covered!