Prior to your headshot session.

You want to portray confidence in your headshot, and the best way to a confident finish line is knowing what to expect from your headshot session.

Say hello to your little confirmation e-mail.

For those booking individual sessions, you will receive a confirmation message containing all the info you need before walking into the studio. Get headshot session tips, the studio’s location (somewhat important), and an option to book a free 15-minute phone consultation if you’d like to chat further about your upcoming session.

Want to chat about a session before booking? Use the 15-minute phone consultation and let’s see if we’re a fantastic fit.

Located between
cars and cakes.

That’s no joke. My studio’s building is sandwiched nicely between Herb Chambers Ford and the delicious Konditor Meister bakery. So, not only will you get great headshots, you can buy a car and celebrate it all with baked goods.

My studio address is 14 Wood Road, Suite 100, Braintree, MA 02184. If you walk in the double front doors on the ground floor, I am the first door on the right. Don’t hang your first left – you will end up in the men’s restroom. The acoustics are terrible in there.