Wouldn’t you love it if you stumbled across a blog post that offered solutions to a problem you haven’t had yet? Follow along for a moment as I talk about why you might need multiple professional headshots in your image arsenal (while still making a point on a single headshot).

Variety is the spice of life right?

One of my most popular headshot packages is my Plus Package. It offers a 90-minute session and two retouched images along with an online gallery, a significant upgrade from the Express option (30 minutes and one retouched image that you choose in-studio). Now, I know you’re probably thinking people choose the Plus because they want to spend extra time with me. Sadly, it’s not. Most of my clients have gone the Plus route because they love the idea of having flexibility within their headshot library. Some considerations they’ve voiced:

  1. Hair: On most days, do you wear your hair down or tied back? Does it depend on the season? The humidity? If you’re late getting the kids to school?
  2. Facial Hair: Do you swap between facial hair and clean shaven? And don’t use my excuse of ‘laziness’ as an answer to this one.
  3. Specs: Do you wear glasses full-time or only when the mood strikes?
  4. Online Presence: Where will you be using your new headshot on social media?
  5. Uses: Do you plan to separate church and state (personal and professional)?
  6. Threads: Does business require formal attire, or can you get away with business casual — or even better, weekend casual?
  7. Job Type: Are you a writer or contributor to various print or digital publications that serve different industries and audiences?


    Ellen’s professional choice works well in any situation. Having two separate looks gives her selection options and peace of mind in the future.

The list can go on for miles, but you can see all of the things that need consideration when it comes to grabbing multiple headshot images for your stash.

Upon Further Review

In the photo example, Ellen, a family portrait photographer local to me (Facebook), wanted something professional for her upcoming website and marketing materials. You can see the excellent choice she made here. However, she also brought along a fun top that worked in tandem with her vibe, as seen in this blog’s featured image at the top. We had a look in-hand, why not shoot with it? So we did, and Ellen came away with a couple of different looks that will cover a variety of situations.

The Case for One-and-Done Headshots

When I first got into headshot photography, my only offering came with two retouched images. That worked out well for a while until it didn’t. Plenty of folks were still taking the two headshots, but more and more people kept saying they only needed one headshot and only ever used one. A few reasons why:

  1. They wanted to run with one standard look across all channels for brand consistency. As a result, they wore clothing that was timeless and would play well across all personal and professional avenues;
  2. It was simply to update their LinkedIn profile photo or some other location like work e-mail or on a resume;
  3. Their company would only reimburse them for one headshot;
  4. They didn’t have time to spend 90 minutes with me (blasphemy).

Knowing these points, I realized it was time to provide a wider range of value that better suited their needs. The Express Package (30 minutes, one edited image) was designed for people always in search of that elusive 25th hour in the day. They can get a new headshot over their lunch break. There is nothing watered down about this session — you still receive all of the tips, techniques, and coaching the other choices offer, and you’ll head back to the office knowing you’ve made your headshot selection for retouching.

Future-Proofing Professional Headshots at a Later Point

What if you run with either one or two images at the time of your session, and you then realize you would love that other clothing option we shot? Or you needed a headshot on a gray backdrop versus a white backdrop? The good news is all of my sessions are archived (minus the rejected photos), so if there is any point you need to purchase additional images, please send me a note. It’s like buying an AppleCare+ extended warranty a month after you picked up the new iPhone. You knew you could do that, right?

Future-Proofing can lead to peace of mind down the line. Think about that as you click off of this blog post. We all need more peace of mind, don’t we?