I’m not normally one to pump up numbers or milestones, especially after just turning 39 (hold the applause), but yesterday I hit a milestone I am a bit proud of, professionally speaking.

I hit 1,000 followers on LinkedIn. Yeah, I know: “Ian’s going to talk about the digital resume website again.”

It goes beyond that.

As much as I love talking headshots — many people reading this have gone through that very conversation with me; bless their hearts — there is something about getting on a social platform and talking about things that come to mind, often at the weirdest times:

  1. I became curious how past experiences can help create new opportunities while working on some bushes.
  2. I thought about the word ‘simplify’ while picking beans from the garden, coming up with ways how that basic term plays such a pivotal role in some of my business decisions.
  3. While mowing the lawn, I was excited about the idea of finding your true passion.
  4. Recently while mowing the lawn again, I thought about how LinkedIn has started to become part of my daily business workflow and how positive of an environment it seems to be.

I do a lot of my thinking while taking care of the yard.

To play off of point #4, LinkedIn has become a new avenue for outreach. Sure, it’s great to have a profile page that talks about my passion for giving people great headshots. That’s the point of a great landing page. However, I rediscovered my enjoyment for writing and in turn discovered a new way to be open with my thoughts.

Typically closely guarded, it’s been eye-opening to write stuff that people latch onto and engage with in conversation. That’s been the fun in it all while growing my network.

Hitting the 1,000-follower milestone was cool, but the work continues. Writing is merely part of the job as a photographer and entrepreneur. It’s been an enjoyable component of the job to know that 1) you’re not alone with these crazy thoughts and 2) the stuff you write might positively affect other lives in the process.

How cool is that?!