Seeking Clarity

Why is it you feel so much sorrow for someone you never met? With the news of Tom Petty's rather untimely passing last night, I couldn't help but be reminded of how I felt when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died. Steve's death wasn't as much a shock as it was deflating. His health had been [...]

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Creating a Following

I'm not normally one to pump up numbers or milestones, especially after just turning 39 (hold the applause), but yesterday I hit a milestone I am a bit proud of, professionally speaking. I hit 1,000 followers on LinkedIn. Yeah, I know: "Ian's going to talk about the digital resume website again." It goes beyond that. [...]

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The Teacher Who Turned the Franchise Around

I've been experiencing a lot of gratitude over the last few days, and it is all directed towards one person. My fourth-grade teacher. I shared a shorter version of this on my LinkedIn profile, but once again I felt as though the 1,300-character limit just wasn't enough to express how thankful I am to have [...]

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Are Your Professional Headshots Tax Deductible?

It's never too soon to begin thinking about tax season, right? Yuck. But what about putting your polished new professional headshots to work for you on tax day? Disclaimer: I have to state that this blog post is not official accounting or tax advice yada yada yada because I'm not your accountant or your tax [...]

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