Getting the Best Professional Headshots for Business

"Everybody needs professional headshots these days." - Me, 2016. When I first cranked up headshot photography, this was something I repeated often but didn't fully grasp. Of course, the headshot guy would say such a big, bold statement. Over time, I was able to realize just how true that statement might be. Sure, not *every [...]

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Business Headshots: Clothing Choices

It's bound to happen. Friday afternoon rolls around and just as you're beginning to daydream about your relaxing weekend, your boss drops some news on you that the office is having new professional business headshots done on Monday morning starting at 9 o'clock. In alphabetical order. Your last name is 'Aaron.' For some, you begin [...]

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Headshots and Future-Proofing

Wouldn't you love it if you stumbled across a blog post that offered solutions to a problem you haven't had yet? Follow along for a moment as I talk about why you might need multiple professional headshots in your image arsenal (while still making a point on a single headshot). Variety is the spice of [...]

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The Case for Horizontal Headshots

I get asked this one a lot. Why are your headshots formatted horizontally? Well, I'll try to explain this in 800 words or less. "Space is the breath of art." - Frank Lloyd Wright Mr. Wright was a brilliant architect and interior designer. I had the luckiest of chances to take in one of his [...]

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