Rock your headshot session.

Have you ever visualized how an experience might go while heading to the destination? Allow me to give you a sneak preview of what a session is all about with me.

Greetings & salutations.

Upon your arrival, you can be sure that I will greet you with the warmest of smiles and a genuine hello, followed by a firm (but not too firm) handshake. From that point, I will walk you back to the studio where all sorts of photo magic will happen throughout our collaboration.

Clothing consultation and coffee. From there, you can grab a coffee, water (still or sparkling), or a Pepsi while we rack your clothes and discuss the options you brought with you. I’ll be sure to ask you which items are your favorites so we can craft a perfect headshot plan. If any garments have wrinkles that need some steam, I have you covered!

Learning about your needs. The path to headshot bliss will develop as we discuss where you intend to use your new images, both now and in the future. Work websites, social media, speaking tours, and book covers are just a few of the hundreds of places. We’ll formulate a plan that’s specific to you.

Covering your background. We will also chat about white and gray backgrounds. I always default to white since it’s universally used and accepted; however, gray – and more specifically, darker gray – has become a wildly popular choice for primary or secondary options. We will cover these before we start and add it into the session plan.

Lights, camera, testing.

Before we start, I will direct you to the small rectangular mat in front of my gorgeous headshot lighting. Those puppies are bright for a reason, as they put you in the best light possible (pun). While your eyes adjust to the brightness, I will run off a few test shots to tailor the lighting to your facial features, with an exact specification.

Two techniques to great headshots. Oh yeah, that is really all it takes. With two simple moves, you will be well on your way to being what I call “headshot ready.” Look alert, confident, and engaged in your images. Seriously, these techniques apply to all photography, so remember them and be the best-looking person in any photo going forward.

Let the session begin. Now it’s time for the main event. I’ll get you started with some “direct” direction to get things going, and before long you will be an expert on setting up for your next shot. We’ll be sure to have lots of conversation along the way since some of your most genuine expressions will come out of nowhere while we talk about whatever comes to mind.

Expert coaching.

It is my job to get you where you need to be so your headshots look confident, approachable, friendly, and authentic. As your headshot specialist, I will ensure everything is working in harmony for the best images possible. How are your angles? Does your hair part dictate which way your shoulders should turn? How do your clothing or background choices play a role? Relax, because I’m here to check those boxes for you.

Making the rounds. Consider the perfect headshot as an evolutionary process. From the very first shot we take, we will build towards headshot images that will get you excited. Each round of shooting is unique, with the first one allowing us a chance to get to know one another some more while I capture you from a variety of angles. Every round will build on that until you’re a bona fide expert at headshots. Sounds exciting, right? Because it is.

Hitting the waves.

When it comes to avoiding headshot flatmosphere, you gotta ride the energy curve. Conversation is important from the first shot to the last one, so when something great comes up, let that laugh rip! We aren’t going to use the laughing shots as you’re sitting atop the curve; however, it is the shots that follow that get your authenticity dialed in for the perfect headshot expression. Please allow Steve to demonstrate below.