Learn a bit about me.

Born and raised in Fremont, Ohio, I have also spent some time in Michigan, North Carolina and New York City before settling in the Boston suburb of Milton, Massachusetts with my wife and daughter. Since then we’ve also welcomed a son. I’ve done a bit of everything professionally since the mid-1990’s, most recently working in the Commissioner’s Office for Major League Baseball in Manhattan. Prior to that, and at the risk of losing the attention of most Bostonians reading this, I spent a year working in public relations for the New York Yankees.

Still with me? The first time I picked up a camera it was my ever-reliable Fisher-Price Kodak 110 when I was 6 years old. I was too young to understand this at the time, but over the years I realized that my passion for this craft comes from the appreciation that photography gives each of us a unique voice in how we see the world. Not every image will make us pause or spark an emotion, but what keeps me going is the idea that the next shot could be my best one yet. I keep saying that about my golf game, too.

Oh, and I have since upgraded my equipment. That 110 served me well.